Moodle Minimum Requirements

Moodle is designed to be compatible with all Web 2.0 browsers and operating systems. We encourage users to have the most recent versions available, but below are some details on the minimum requirements.

Operations System Requirements:

Windows - Windows Update  
Minimum Version - Windows 7   Recommended Version - Windows 10

MacOS - 
Minimum Version - OS X 10.7     Recommended Version - Latest

Linux - Download Ubuntu 
Minimum Version - If you're running a Linux machine, you're probably aware of any requirements or updates needed

Browser Requirements:

Google Chrome - Download Chrome 
Minimum Version - 50.0     Recommended Version - Latest

Mozilla Firefox - Download Firefox 
Minimum Version - 30.0     Recommended Version - Latest

System Requirements Recommendations: Latest

Java - Download Windows Java     Download Mac Java  
Adobe Flash Player - Download Windows Flash Player    Download Mac Java Player  
Adobe Reader - Download Windows Adobe Reader    Download Mac Adobe Reader  

Mobile Applications:

The ITC does not allow Moodle  mobile apps to run it's online courses. We recommend that you uses the Web Browser even on your mobile devices.
Simply Use Your Phone's Current Mobile Web Browser:
Moodle allows for a Mobile Theme with a Responsive Design, based off of the new Bootstrap 3, that allows for automatic resizing to any computer, tablet or mobile device.

(Computer View)

(Tablet View)                                            (Mobile View)

Accessibility Standards:

Section 508ARIA 1.0ATAG 2.0, and WCAG 2.0 Compliance Standards met with Moodle 2.7
Moodle Accessibility Compliance

Screen Reader Support:

Microsoft Internet Explorer - 
Minimum Version - 15     Recommended Version - Latest

Mozilla Firefox - NVDA
Minimum Version - 2014.1     Recommended Version - Latest